Setting Up a Business in Japan - Fast and Easy

A Business Manage Visa is one of the many options available for those planning to start a business in Japan. This unique type of Visa is available to people wishing to start a new business in Japan from outside the country. It is designed specifically for entrepreneurs who want to open a business in Japan that will be run from an office in another country. The Business Manager Visa is valid for a period of up to 4 years (with the possibility of an additional 1-year renewable extension of stay), and is perfect for those who plan to run a business from Japan and want to keep their financial status stable while doing so. In order to apply, an entrepreneur must be aged 18 or older and have a business plan that is based on projected earnings of at least a million Japanese Yen.

For the applicant to be eligible for the Business Visa, he/she must prepare and submit to the Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs a business plan that has been approved by the Japanese board of business affairs. The business plan must include a mission statement that defines the company's key characteristics, management strategy, business plans for the next three years, and one executive summary page that offers information about the company and its founding members. Besides this, other supporting documents are required, which will vary depending on the business visa type you intend to apply for. For instance, if you wish to apply for a business visa for tourist purposes, you will require proof that your company has no foreign assets, that all employees have received training in appropriate Japanese language, that your company adheres to Japanese labor laws, and that you are familiar with applicable Japanese tax regulations.

Your company will be considered a 'large business' if it has total annual turnovers exceeding $500 million. If your company meets these criteria, you will then be eligible for a business visa. One of the first things the authorities will do is to verify the accuracy of your figures. After all, it does not really matter how big your company is if it has not registered all of its turnover and assets with the appropriate government agencies! To facilitate matters even further, in most instances the company needs to employ at least 10 percent of the local population, which will result in an increase in the company's social and business profile, thus increasing your likelihood for a positive outcome when applying for a business visa.

If you are not aware of what the requirements are for getting a Japanese business start-up visa, fear not. They are quite strict and can make things very difficult for an aspiring entrepreneur in Japan. There are some steps you need to take and follow in order to fulfill the legal requirements for you to start a business in Japan. Among the requirements, one of the most important is that you have to submit a business plan that is based on realistic assumptions regarding growth, income, and expenditures. This means that you need to have a well-written business plan. A business plan is very important as it serves as your road map and guides the authorities in your application process.

Once you are sure that your business plan is well-written and is ready to go, you are now ready to submit all the required documents. These documents are required by the Japanese authorities so that they can properly assess your business proposal and determine whether you meet their minimal requirements for starting a business in Japan. The required documents are as follows: a Japanese business visa application form, an original ITR/ESI registration from your financial institution, a government-approved business plan, your passport, and a business visa. If you are required to appear in an interview, you are required to bring: a original ITR/ESI registration, a confirmation of your business visa, and a copy of your employment contract. Be sure to bring these items along with you when visiting the Japanese consulate.

Your next step would be to visit the nearest branch office of your company. Most companies in Japan prefer to hire local people to manage their companies. This is because the Japanese national culture is quite similar to that of the US business culture. Therefore, if you decide to run your company in Japan, you have to hire local people to run your branches in Japan. The first person you need to approach is the local head office. He/she will be able to give you the necessary instructions on how to register your company in your local area.

After that, you have to find a partner to finance your business in Japan. Financing is done through banks and financial institutions in Japan that are authorized to grant business manager visa. Typically, you will be able to obtain a visa easily if you are able to convince the bank head that your company has a sound business plan and that you are ready to expand your business. After obtaining your business manager visa, you will be able to hire employees to run your branches in Japan. You will also be able to open a separate bank account for your company which you will use to fund your visa and profit.

Finally, after the bank account has been set up, you will need to find a qualified japanese partner to run your company's branches in Japan. A qualified japanese partner can help you gain a lot of trust from the locals of Japan because of their excellent business skills and experience in managing large corporations. For your company to grow and prosper in Japan, it is important to find a qualified japanese partner who can effectively run your business. Your partner should have good contacts with local businessmen and with the local government. The next steps will show that how easy it was for you to set up your company in Japan with the help of a corporate bank.