Helpful Hints For Finding A Freelance Programmer

Freelancing and contract employment for independent freelancers have become increasingly common as remote work becomes the new normal with millions quitting their full-time job in the Great Resignation. Freelance platforms are an excellent way to address the growing demand from both clients and freelancers. Despite the availability of different online freelancing and remote work opportunities, many face constant challenges. High commision fees of 20% to 30% charged on earnings by freelance platforms, such as Upwork, Fiverr, Toptal, and PeoplePerHour leave freelancers who do the actual work with much lesser than they deserved.

Works is Asia-first blockchain and AI driven work marketplace that enables companies to hire the world's top 3% of freelance talent in business, design and technology, on demand.

The company finds and works with top skilled freelancers in software engineering, design, product and project management and connects them with leading enterprises looking to scale their team for important business initiatives. Back end developer, full stack developer, blockchain developer, AI developer, web developer, product designer, UI/UX designer, engineering manager, business analyst are some of the in-demand roles hiring on Works.

With its AI matching technology, Works helps world-class companies on-board seasoned software engineers such as PHP developers, C# developers, C++ developers, Python developers, React developer and top-tier specialists in technical product management, business analysis and UI / UX design within 48 hours.

Businesses hire specialised freelance programmers in Node.js, Django, and Ruby on Rails, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence on Works to seamlessly integrate into their teams and work on technical projects requiring best technical practices and specific technology stack. In-demand freelance UI / UX designers who are well-versed in principles of design are hired on Works by leading enterprises to spearhead web and mobile app design for best user experience.
Freelancers on Works secure long-term freelance jobs from the world's leading brands and startups while keeping 100% of their earnings. Works is committed to promote opportunity equality across Asia and the rest of the world through freelance job engagement, with the rise of the gig economy.

Works aims to disrupt the long overdue traditional hiring processes and develop the world's most collaborative freelance talent network - one that is without language barriers, aligns incentives, redistributes value and shares long-term interest with our freelance talents, clients and contributors who help build the network.